Alright, here we are, 2015 is upon us…

We’ve under gone a few changes this year with an almost entirely new committee and a few decisions to take on some new challenges.

With the exit of both Patrick and Erin as Pres and Vice Pres, 2015 sees Eoin Smith and Michael Scotton step up to the responsibilities of handling the club and the awesomeness that is NUSS.

It should be further mentioned though that no club so froth worthy can sustain itself without a solid crew behind them.  Into the boots of Secretary we see Rohan Clarke, aka Plugga, can gorilla with the best, just ask him. Treasurer this year is Lydia Wilks, aka Liddy Biddy, throwing the challenge out there right now for any NUSS member to out Simpson her.

The final support pillars of NUSS are where the club will see some new challenges come their way:

Chris Neale has finally taken on an official role within the club and will be throwing his expertise behind a camera and digital design to look after the Promotions, Marketing and Events Manager role.  This role in the past has been two separate roles meaning slightly more work for Chris but nothing he hasn’t stepped up to taking on in 2015.

The holidays saw NUSport approach NUSS with a small proposal, they had recognised in 2014 that there wasn’t a club at Newcastle University geared towards surfers and bodyboarders and as such asked if NUSS would like to take on that responsibility… We were only too happy to oblige and Laura McKinnon put her hand up for the challenge without hesitation, seeing her now taking our Surfing and Bodyboarding Manager title.

Now that the new committee has been introduced to the club, some will be asking what this means. Two things mainly, we now shred in both the surf and on the snow and… There is a second Surfing Championship everyone has the opportunity to attend!

Keep an eye on this page for further updates on events, parties and just general all round shenanigans!

Finally a quick flick from some Red Bull riders for 2014. Get inspired for some serious shredding this year!